RAICES Launches #KeepThePromise Campaign

“We plan to push Democrats to legalize our community through budget reconciliation and abolish the filibuster, so we don’t have to rely on Republicans — the party of Trump — to get this done.” – Juana Guzman

San Antonio, Texas –Today RAICES launched the “Keep The Promise” campaign, demanding that President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress keep their promise to the immigrant community and use every tool at their disposal, Congressional and Executive, to give our undocumented community in the United States the freedom to work with dignity and respect, freedom from detention and freedom from deportation.

We’re sick and tired of broken promises. Democrats can pass legalization through a budget reconciliation process, without compromising on further enforcement, and can abolish the filibuster, so we don’t have to rely on Republicans — the party of Trump — to get this done. Immigrant communities have fought for relief for decades, it’s time for the Democrats to step up and do their part.” said Juana Guzman, Texas Grassroots Organizer

Through this campaign, we plan to organize and mobilize RAICES members and supporters in Texas and across the country to put pressure on elected officials and demand they pledge to keep their promises by committing to legalize as many people as possible through the budget reconciliation process and by ending the filibuster. We will also remind President Biden that he made a promise to protect the immigrant community and demand that he use executive action to provide relief to as many people as possible before the end of the year.

We launched this campaign as the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Dream and Promise Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act ahead of the March recess period. This campaign serves to remind elected officials that we’ve lived through too many broken promises on immigration. Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) and the Dream Act have failed in congress time and time again, even when Democrats had the majority. Now, the Trump wing of the Republicans have taken over the party, using immigrants as scapegoats for their failures and expanding their xenophobic and racist agenda.

We cannot rely on the party of Donald Trump to create the change that we need on immigration. We survived years of bigotry, racism and xenophobia from Trump’s administration and a record number of deportations under the Obama administration. This country is benefiting from our labor during the pandemic, and so it has a moral obligation to recognize and co-exist with immigrants as human beings, with full equality and civic participation,” said Erika Andiola, Chief Advocacy Officer for RAICES.

It is time for President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress to keep their decades-long promise and provide relief and protection to the millions of people who are still in the shadows. Especially, during the worst pandemic of our lifetime. We can’t accept any more excuses. There has to be a winning strategy from the party and a pledge that they will use every tool at their disposal when it comes to immigration,” said Nancy Meza, Organizing Director for RAICES.