On Dream and Promise Act, We’ll Celebrate Until Democrats Create a Clear Path Forward on Immigration

San Antonio, TX – In response to the introduction of the Dream and Promise Act, RAICES released the following statement:

The introduction of these bills continues to be symbolic until we hear that Democrats have a clear path forward on passing immigration legislation before the end of this year. We need every Democrat to pledge that they will use every tool at their disposal, including ending the filibuster and using the budget reconciliation process, to provide protection to the immigrant community without relying on the party of Trump.

We are also disappointed to see that every legalization bill that has been introduced continues to exclude many from relief without accounting for the systemic inequities that result from the over-policing and racial profiling of Black and brown community members. Every single one of us who has protested against police brutality and racial profiling should be concerned about these exclusions. It is also puzzling for us to see Democrats continuing to compromise within themselves to water down every bill.