RAICES Statement on the Executive Orders

San Antonio, Texas — In reaction to the news of the Biden Administration’s Executive Actions on , RAICES release the following statement:

“The Biden-Harris administration is saying the right words and expressing its intent to move in the right direction — but the fact is they don’t go far enough. Together, it now owns the policies that see 60 Black immigrants being deported tomorrow. They are directly responsible for what happens to the 5,000 children currently held in immigrant detention, and the thousands of people stuck in Mexico because of the Remain in Mexico policy. This administration campaigned on a promise to take immediate action to undo the policies put in place by its predecessor, and to stop the pain that’s been intentionally inflicted on our community. It must keep its promise.

President Biden must go beyond reuniting families and establish a Truth, Reunification, and Reconciliation Commission to get the justice directly impacted families deserve. The limited scope of the taskforce means that there will be no justice for those families who were separated and then wrongfully deported as they currently are not eligible for return.

Moreover, and despite promising during his campaign to end the ‘Remain in Mexico/MPP’ policy, he has failed to do so. This heinous policy puts countless people in extreme danger today. There’s nothing to review about a policy that leads to people getting beaten, tortured, and kidnapped regularly, as they wait like sitting ducks on the Southern Border. Everyone impacted by it over the past two years should be welcomed into our country with open arms.”

Comments attributable to Erika Andiola, chief advocacy officer at RAICES Texas
Contact: [email protected]