Senator Cornyn Must Denounce Trump’s Visit to the Border and Call for his Removal, and TV Networks Should Not Show Trump’s Speech

San Antonio, TX-Tomorrow Donald Trump will travel to Alamo, Texas in an attempt to divert attention from the insurrection he planned in Washington, D.C. last week. Trump is using his tried and tested formula of attacking immigrants in an effort to rally his army of xenophobic white supremacists.

As Texans, we will not sit idly by and let Trump use Texas and his racist border wall as a backdrop for his hate-filled platform. We demand Senator John Cornyn to publicly denounce Trump’s visit to Alamo and support the calls for his removal from Office immediately. We also demand that TV networks not show the speech on their channels. These networks have for far too long provided a platform for this demagogue to organize and advocate for violence against immigrants, enough is enough.

“The white supremacist violence we saw last week is not aberration. White supremacy is what got Donald Trump elected. Now on his way out, he’s taking a victory lap at his failed border wall right in our backyard. He can go to hell. We will not let Trump and all he represents to use our community as the backdrop for his dangerous agenda. Senator John Cornyn must denounce this trip. If he doesn’t, he will be responsible for any of the violence that results from Trump’s trip.” Erika Andiola, RAICES Chief Advocacy Officer.

When it comes to national security, the only people who are targeted and demonized are immigrants, Black people and people of color. It is deeply hypocritical for Donald Trump to visit the border and boast about his wall, when hundreds of his supporters committed one of the most dangerous and violent attacks to the safety and democracy of this country.

Trump’s border wall is a catastrophic failure. Hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent on a wall that simply does not work. We established last week in D.C. that walls do not work, yet this half built wall remains a symbol of all the hate Trump has generated in his four years in office.

The border area beside Alamo City is where many of the families were separated under Trump’s family separation policy, a policy that still leaves many children separated from their parents. There is deep symbolic resonance for Trump supporters who support his anti-immigrant agenda, and for all of us who don’t: Immigrants are welcome here and we call on everyone who believes immigrants deserve to be free to join us and demand Senator John Cornyn denounce Trump’s visit and join the calls for Trump’s removal from office.