Demand Senator Cornyn Denounce Trump’s Border Visit

Trump is planning a visit to the border this week. We are going to say this loud and clear; President Donald J. Trump must not visit the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. His visit to the border is an attempt to divert the attention of the public from the violent white supremacist attack he incited at the Capitol, to attacking immigrants once again.

It is clear that, when it comes to national security, the only people who are targeted and demonized are immigrants, Black people and people of color. It is ridiculously hypocritical for Donald Trump to visit the border and boast about his wall, when hundreds of his supporters committed one of the most dangerous and violent attacks to the safety and democracy of this country.

Now, Republicans can’t look away from this double standard and focus on the real threat. 

In Texas, Senator Ted Cruz demonstrated a wanton disregard for the security of our country and for the safety of its people when he doubled-down on his attack against our democracy even after the Senate chamber had been defiled by a mob of murderous thugs acting in alignment with his and Donald J. Trump’s explicit instructions.

Senator John Cornyn has expressed sympathy for the law enforcement officer who was killed during last Wednesday’s insurrection, but so far he has not made any statements regarding the crimes committed against his own Senate chamber last week.