RAICES Statement on Democrats’ Win In Georgia: “Immigration Must be a Priority Through Executive and Legislative Action”

San Antonio, TX – In response to today’s news about results of the Georgia run-off election and the Democrats gaining control of the Senate, RAICES released the following statement:

“Today represents a victory for grassroots organizing in the State of Georgia. We congratulate Senators-Elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, and thank everyone in Georgia who voted and organized to get people to the polls. It’s clear that Black and Brown voters made today possible. The responsibility is now on the Democrats to listen to the demands of our communities.” said Erika Andiola, RAICES Chief Advocacy Officer.

“At a time when people are dying at the border, dying of COVID-19 at detention centers across the country, and millions continue to live under the shadows, we have no time to lose. It is imperative that President-elect Biden take bold executive actions on immigration immediately and without delay. Harmful Trump policies must be undone, the detention and deportation machine must be dismantled and forms of relief must be expanded.”

“We also expect that Congress will waste no time in opening a path to permanent residence for the more than 11 million people living in this country without immigration status; legislating to humanize the immigration system into one that welcomes those seeking home and safety; and rejecting the expansion of immigrant detention and deportation. On the contrary, they must work to undo laws that criminalize our immigrant community and its members.”

“The Democrats must not compromise on our people’s humanity like they’ve done in the past. We need concrete executive and congressional actions – emphasizing workers’ rights, a demilitarized approach to the border, and a rethinking of the impact and role of the United States abroad – to ensure that the 11 million people living in this country without documents and those seeking protection at the border now and in the future can breathe freely and without fear of persecution.” Andiola continued.