ICE Transferred Families from Hotels to Immigration Prisons

Earlier this month, migrant families and children were hidden away and detained in hotels along the border in South Texas, and then deported by ICE without judicial process. Even though a federal judge said ICE can’t keep kids in hotels, ICE agents are still “expelling” children and their families like before – but this time by hiding them in prison.

Under the cover of election frenzy, ICE made the Karnes family immigration prison its new Hampton Inn for people in “Title 42 proceedings.” ICE says these children and families don’t have a right to a lawyer and has not allowed the families to access legal services. RAICES attorneys have also not been able to speak to them. The families are on their own.

We believe EVERYONE should have access to an attorney. Please join us and tell ICE that you believe it, too. Solidarity works, so please add your name below.


Photo Credit: Joel Martinez/The Monitor via AP