RAICES Annual Report 2019

In 2018 and 2019, RAICES received unprecedented charitable support from hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations, proving that the American public is demanding a new reality for immigration policy and the services that uplift those seeking safety and security in the United States. We have led this call for migrant justice with a passionate vision for solutions on a grand scale.

Though we expanded nationally, our Texas roots ground us in a state that is at the center of the immigration enforcement system. Our lawyers represent clients detained throughout Texas — advising families jailed with children, helping them navigate asylum, and winning their release. Our case managers are in 10 offices across the state, working directly to help our constituents with education, job placement, housing, and much more.

2019 was a year of transformation. Learn more about how your support helped our team meet profound systemic oppressions as we advocated for the human rights of those we serve.

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