Every Vote Must be Counted


Election day is over, but the next President of the United States is still unknown. This is normal in a democracy. We must ensure that every vote is counted, that every voting irregularity is examined, and it may be days or weeks before we know the true winner of this election. That is how democracy works, and we welcome the process that guarantees every voter has had their choice counted.

But this is a dangerous time. The Trump administration has made clear, time and time again, that it will not willingly accept a peaceful transfer of power and falsely claimed victory last night. We cannot accept any such interference in our democracy.

“Too much is at stake, for our democracy and for our immigrant communities, which have experienced unparalleled terror and suffering under an openly white nationalist regime hellbent on carrying out an anti-immigrant crackdown”, said Erika Andiola, Chief Advocacy Officer of RAICES. “We need mass popular protest to ensure that all votes in this election are counted, that any instances of voter suppression are immediately investigated and remedied, and that the true winner of this election is sworn into the White House.”

“Something we must absolutely celebrate in the immigrant rights movement is the incredibly high level of participation of Latino voters in states like Arizona,” she continued. “We’re making change in this state because of the years of nonstop organizing and fighting against racists, anti-immigrant laws like SB-1070 and white supremacists politicians like Joe Arpaio.”

RAICES stands with every group and every person calling on the voting process to be carried out to its full and respected, no matter how long that may take. Our democracy depends on it.