Watch Stéphane See His Sister for the First Time after a Decade Apart

Immigration detention is unjust and inhumane. No one seeking safety should be incarcerated, mistreated, and denied the right to due process. According to Immigrant Family Defense Fund, Immigrants that are free with access to legal representation are 40% more likely to win their case than unrepresented detainees.

Ultimately, we want to #EndDetention and #FreeThemAll. Until that time, the fastest way to reunify families and produce better outcomes for our clients in desperate need of asylum is to post their bond. And the vast majority of those seeking asylum have a safe place to stay.

Cameroonian asylum-seeker, Stéphane’s, case is proof of that. After being detained for months, RAICES was able to secure Stephane’s freedom and he was released to be with his family in the United States and continue fighting for asylum safely with his family by his side.



The cost of bond is prohibitive for most families, and immigrant detention bonds are set far higher than the average. According to our own RAICES data, the average immigration bond was $10,500.

We want every immigrant’s story to have a happy ending. As long as those seeking safety and asylum in the United States continue to be locked away and denied their rights, we will continue to do everything in our power to #FreeThemAll.

You can join us with a gift to the bond fund. Donations go directly to free those in detention and to reunify families.