Tell Trump: Hands off DACA

The Supreme Court decision leaves DACA in limbo. What’s worse, Justice Roberts’ decision provides a blueprint for the Trump Administration to end DACA “the right way”. We can’t let that happen. Tell President Trump, his Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Hands off DACA!

By signing, you affirm that immigrants have been exploited, treated as pawns, and terrorized for too long. Now that the DACA community is fighting back against anti-immigrant, racist sycophants like Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and Stephen Miller, we must join our voices together to call for justice.

Will you join us? Simply add your name below to demand that the Trump Administration keep its hands off DACA!

Every day, we continue to fight for our lives. We need you to join your voice with ours, because only together will we win.


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