RAICES Statement for DACA SCOTUS Decision

DACA lives…for now.

After years of relentless attacks on immigrants, today’s decision is a much-needed win for our community. It’s a win for the organizers, advocates and DACA recipients who fought so hard for this over so many administrations.

However, the decision doesn’t change anything about who’s inside the White House. Despite 70% of the public supporting DACA recipients, the president is still a racist and will continue to use immigrants to advance his xenophobic and hate-filled agenda.

Trump is fixated on making life harder for immigrants and asylum seekers. It is clear that his hate for our immigrant community runs deep. His anti-immigrant and racist policies hold no weight even after he’s stacked the Supreme Court with his own people. This is why we echo calls for Trump to resign. As long as white supremacists remain in power, our communities will continue to suffer.

“We know that DACA was never enough and millions of people continue to live under the threat of detention, separation from family and deportation by DHS, an armed, white-supremacist wing of the U.S. government. We pushed Obama to act and we defeated Trump in court: this is the power of organizing and movement building. Today demonstrates every petition we sign, protest we attend, and call we make to policymakers, matters.” Erika Andiola, chief advocacy officer at RAICES

The time for Congress to take action to protect our DACA community is now and we need a holistic approach that won’t sacrifice some in order for others to gain. Congress must use the Migrant Justice Platform, our roadmap of executive and legislative actions that parts ways from the empty comprehensive immigration strategy or the “single-bill” strategy that has defined immigration politics for two decades. This moment in history calls for us to move away from “comprehensive immigration reform” once and for all and adopt an open source unity blueprint that centers impacted voices on various aspects of immigration reform that will create a holistic change for all.

Today we march forward. We remain on guard. We remain defiant. We commit to keep organizing to fight for asylum seekers, to end the Remain in Mexico Policy, to protect Black Lives, and to abolish ICE.


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