VIDEO: The Real Story Behind DACA at the Supreme Court


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, is widely recognized for protecting young undocumented people from deportation, but the policy has done a lot more than that.

The U.S. has granted DACA to more than 800,000 people since the Obama Administration announced the program in June 2012. Beyond deportation relief, DACA also provided a work permit that opened the door to more educational opportunities and better-paying jobs. A 2019 survey found hourly wages increased by 86% for DACA recipients once they were granted a work permit.

But now, DACA is under threat.

When Trump failed to use DACA as leverage to get more money to build his wall at the southern border, he tried to end DACA. Now, after years of court battles, DACA faces an ever more uncertain future in the Supreme Court. To make matters even worse, the ruling will come amidst a pandemic.

But, no matter the ruling from the Supreme Court, we’re not giving up. We’re prepared to stand beside DACA recipients. You can stay updated and join the movement with us by texting DACA2020 to 51555 or by signing up via the form below.

Image credit: Getty