ACTION: Call on Texas Governor Abbott to #FreeThemAll

“I fear me, my daughter, and my unborn fetus will die if we become sick in detention… I am most afraid because I cannot keep a sufficient distance from other people to keep myself safe from contracting the virus if they have it.” — A pregnant mother from Honduras, detained with her 4-year-old daughter at the South Texas Family Residential Center

Thousands of people, including hundreds of children and parents, are detained in the state of Texas. Governor Greg Abbott can use his public health authority to pressure ICE to substantially reduce its immigration detention populations in facilities in the state, mitigate the otherwise inevitable spread of COVID-19, and protect immigrants and asylum-seekers.

Please join us in calling on Governor Abbott and his Chief of Staff to release those in detention in Texas by using the automated form below:

While representing different organizational views and calls to action, RAICES is joining together with Families Belong Together, Human Rights First, Human Rights Watch, Innovation Law Lab, National Immigrant Justice Center, OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates, Oxfam America, Physicians for Human Rights, AIUSA, and the Women’s Refugee Commission in Texas. Make your voice heard!