VIDEO: A Letter from Genevieve

We recently received a letter from Genevieve that moved our hearts and lifted our spirits. We were humbled by her words and are so grateful for young people like her. We are inspired by her action and reminded of the power of community. Her words below were sent to RAICES with her gift.

Hi! My name is Genevieve. I am 9 years old and I want to help all the children in cages. I want to help because they deserve to be with their family.

I enjoy making pasta with my mom. I enjoy cuddling with her too. I want all the children to have great memories with their parents like I do with mine.

I learned a lot about your organization helping the separated children. So I wanted to help too. You have really inspired me. I want to help make sure they are free.

For the stimulus, my parents received $500 on my behalf. I had a choice on what to do with it and decided to give it to your organization.



Join Genevieve on her special giving page.