VIDEO: Lawyers talk About Conditions in Detention with COVID-19

Detention is no place to be during a pandemic. With COVID-19 detained immigrants face an amplified threat and a complete lack of vital protection. We cannot ignore them. Our attorneys continue fighting for them.

Attorneys speak about what they’ve seen and heard from clients during the pandemic.

“They are begging us to get somebody to listen to their fears and their concerns for their families,” says Attorney, Leila Ayub in this video. “They know that detention is not the place to be able to deal with this pandemic.”

“I have had families come up to me in consultation and say that they saw the President of the United States say that there should not be more than 5 or 10 people together,” reports Attorney, Gianvito Grieco. “At the same time there [are] about 1,000 people in the courtyard at Karnes [Detention Center] altogether.”

Attorney Alvin Rodriguez explains, “Despite the government recommendations from the CDC, immigrants have not been given Personal Protection Equipment like masks, gloves, or sanitizing products.”

“It’s already obvious that health care and sanitation are inadequate within detention centers, even before all this.”

“Employees from the detention facilities interact with the outside world and then come into these facilities unprotected.”

“The families are part of a vulnerable population because of their immune systems which are weakened because of the stress of the prolonged detention they’ve been in.”

Families need to be safe and together and the time has come to free them all. Let’s keep the pressure going and you can help.