VIDEO: An SOS from Inside Detention As COVID-19 Hits

A concerned citizen sent us this video call of women in detention pleading for basic needs. These women are pleading for help and banding together to support each other during this time of crisis.

“This is an emergency. They’re keeping us here without masks, without antibacterial gel.” says one detained woman.

The women hold us signs to raise awareness of their treatment.

“We need to get out to be with our families because we are desperate,” the woman continues. “They are violating our rights. We feel helpless – we can’t do anything.”

The women in the video also say there are pregnant women who need medical care in the facility in Conroe, Texas. According to the video, one pregnant woman has been detained for one month, she’s throwing repeatedly, and she’s in grave danger of contracting COVID-19.

In an attempt to protect themselves, the women have been making masks from their clothes.

“Immigrant lives matter. We matter…Please help us. Please. Please.”

Listen to their voices and demand ICE #FreeThemALL.