AUDIO: Two Fathers Trapped in Detention during COVID-19

What is life like in immigrant detention during #COVID19?

We obtained recordings of 2 fathers trapped with their children at Karnes Detention Center in Texas. This is what ICE doesn’t want you to know.

Help us save lives. Demand that ICE #FreeThemAll.

That being said, calling ICE might be trickier said than done so please follow these instructions to get through to an ICE agent:

  1. Call the San Antonio Field Office at (210) 283-4750.
  2. In the first menu press 9.
  3. On the second menu press 6
  4. Wait to be connected to an ICE agent.
  5. When they respond, say “Hi, my name is ___ and I am calling to demand all immigrant detainees are released from detention at Karnes and Pearsall due to the imminent threat of COVID-19 If you don’t, we are all at risk.”