Tell ICE: Release All Immigrants at Risk of Coronavirus

We sent a letter to Daniel Bible at ICE today, demanding that he use his powers to release immigrants in detention who are at great risk during normal times, let-alone during a pandemic. We’re asking you to join us, and use the form below to add your voice. Send a message to Daniel Bible and ICE, to free detained immigrants.

The immigrant community is at grave risk.

“Infectious disease outbreaks have a long history of preying on society’s most vulnerable, disenfranchised members.” – NY Times

#COVD19 is no exception.

That is why we are asking you to take action with us, using the form below, to tell ICE to release all immigrants in detention, because detention is no place for a family, and no place for a family to be during a pandemic.

All those who have been subject to the Trump administration’s roster of anti-immigrant policies are in a vulnerable position; from those in detention to those living under MPP. Immigration detention conditions are already poor, so a coronavirus outbreak could be a disaster. Neither DHS, ICE or EOIR have provided any sort of contingency plan that would help reduce exposure to detained immigrants, their families, government staff, judges, or jail staff.

RAICES attorneys are extremely concerned for the health and well being of our clients held at Karnes and Pearsall Detention Centers in Texas right now. At Karnes, there are families with children, and those at Pearsall are trans women with HIV. We are working with at least six children with symptoms of cold, cough and flu with several families complaining of inadequate testing and/or treatment. We are currently aware of 4 pregnant women and 14 babies under two years old detained there.

Let’s make this clear: Their lives are in danger. Let us remind you what ICE has already done:

  • Federal immigrant officials have refused to give detained kids and families flu shots in the past.
  • There was a mumps outbreak in detention centers between September 2018 and August 2019.
  • Clean water and soap are NOT guaranteed in detention.
  • Dangerous overcrowding has already been reported at facilities.

The list goes on…

And how have officials responded to the upcoming crisis? By ordering immigration court staff to remove CDC posters designed to slow the spread of coronavirus.

We must stop this from getting worse and demand ICE to release everyone from immigration detention. They must act now.

You’ve read our letter to ICE about Detained Families and COVID-19. Join us and add your voice, by using the form below to send an email to ICE.

Our Letter to ICE [PDF]

Sent to ICE to Demand Release of Immigrants in Danger

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RAICES and others filed suit to protect families, 3-21-2020