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Celebrating LOVE with a RAICES Fundraiser

Recently, two of our supporters decided to celebrate their engagement by sharing their love with thousands of immigrants in need by hosting a peer to peer fundraiser. They were able to make the money raised go further by offering a personal match and an employer match beyond that, potentially tripling some donations!

We were able to ask Allison and Everett about their fundraiser and everything that inspired it. Read on for their story!

Q: What inspired you to start a fundraiser to celebrate your engagement? What inspired you to give to RAICES?

A: As we were getting engaged, it was a moment that prompted us to think about the wider community. Weddings are an opportunity for friends and family ties to expand and grow stronger, and we are both so lucky in the support we have gotten from our respective communities.

Everyone deserves a fair chance at a welcoming haven in society, but of course, that’s far from the current reality. We were both (and still are, honestly) feeling overwhelmed by the scope of the problems with the immigration and refugee asylum systems in the United States. What’s happening right now is absolutely heartbreaking. We try to do our best to stay informed and active, but we were wanting to do more.

We decided to support RAICES Texas in particular for a couple of reasons:

  1. The direct, local nature of the work. We respect that RAICES Texas works to build support systems and relationships directly in local communities from the ground-up. 
  2. The variety of both legal and educational services. The current problems with the system are thorny and require a multi-pronged approach, and that seems to be a strength of RAICES Texas.
  3. The combination of passion and concrete, pragmatic services.

There are many wonderful organizations working hard right now on a number of issues…but RAICES Texas combines passion, education, advocacy, and direct service in a way that truly inspires us.

Q: We love that you not only offered to match gifts but then took the additional step of applying for your company match! What gave you the idea to do that and what is the response you’ve seen from family and friends?

A: Company matching is money on the table if there’s a cause you care about! As far as why we opted to match gifts — we wanted to get our friends and family involved, so rather than just giving a single lump sum, we opted to put together a matching campaign.

Congratulations to the happy couple and we invite donors to view and contribute to the fundraiser to help them reach their $10,000 goal.