RAICES Partners With Lyft

This Independence Day, we’re celebrating America as a place with deep immigrant roots. As part of this celebration, RAICES is excited to announce that our supporters will now be able to contribute to RAICES every time they ride with Lyft through the Round Up & Donate program.

Even better? In July, Lyft will be matching all donations up to $50,000!

Since July of last year, Lyft has been partnering with RAICES by connecting clients to free rides when they need them most. Now, our supporters can help in another way – by rounding up their ride fare to the nearest dollar when taking their next Lyft ride! These small donations to RAICES, multiplied, will help us free families from detention and allow asylum seekers access to the legal representation they so desperately need.

Here’s how you can opt in and donate with each ride:

1. Download the Lyft app
2. Open the main menu by tapping the icon in the top left corner of your app
3. Tap ‘Donate’ in the menu (hint: look for the heart symbol)
4. Select ‘RAICES’
5. Tap ‘Opt In’ and that’s it!

The free rides for families we serve have already been life changing. RAICES CEO, Jonathan Ryan, underscores the impact the rides have already had with clients:

“RAICES compassionately defends and empowers immigrants and advocates for human rights, equality, respect, and the right to migrate. Most of the people we work with do not have access to reliable transportation. LYFT provides a transportation solution for our clients and therefore enables their access to legal consultations, court appearances, and social services. Our partnership with LYFT has proved to be an invaluable resource.”


Erika Andiola, RAICES Chief Advocacy Officer, emphasizes the ability to reach supporters everywhere with Lyft’s Round Up & Donate:

“Transportation is a game changer for so many of the immigrants and refugees we support. All the different processes that are needed to help people stay in this country, whether to fight for status or asylum and to show up in court and at consultations, requires the ability to move around. Understanding this need, Lyft has been a valuable partner for us in the last year. We’re excited to now have the potential support of millions of Lyft riders through Round Up & Donate to further expand the impact we can have.”