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Five dead children is five too many.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is responsible for a fifth child’s death while in their custody at the Southern border. This is the fifth child who’s lost their life in recent months.

We’re in El Paso right now where we have met countless families who were dumped at the local bus station. The children we met are in critical need of medical attention. The sounds echoing through the bus station are babies with deep, hacking coughs.

One mom we met from Guatemala has a 5 day old baby. We met her sitting on the floor at the bus station. She arrived here 20 days ago, spent time in a detention center and delivered a baby shortly after being released. She’s in desperate need of postpartum care.

We also met a father from Guatemala. He is traveling with a 2 year old baby boy who cried for hours when we met him. His father told us the baby boys eyes have been in pain for weeks and when in detention CBP ignored the cries. He is no longer in custody but has no money to see a doctor.

When we read of individual deaths we see them as isolated cases. But clearly we have a huge systemic problem. CBP is mistreating migrants in their custody.

We need answers, not excuses. Children dying in US custody is a national emergency, and should be treated as such.

Can you PLEASE tweet the Head of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, and demand he launches an investigation into CBP’s mistreatment of children at our southern border?