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Children Should Not Be “Apprehended” At The Border.

Right now in McAllen, Texas hundreds of migrants are locked up in what are akin to disaster relief camps the day after an earthquake. Families are cramped together, porta-potties and mylar blankets are strewn across an industrial wasteland. Cleaning facilities appear non existent and families are forced to wait outside throughout the day in sweltering heat (89 Fahrenheit / 32 Celsius).

If that isn’t enough, a 2-year-old baby boy from Guatemala died this week after being “apprehended” by armed security forces at the border. This is the fourth child who’s died in government custody in the last 6 months.

The conditions in which immigrants are detained and the way in which they are being mistreated are unprecedented.

At RAICES, we believe immigrants should never be kept in detention centers. We also know that this treatment won’t stop unless we continue to advocate and pushback against an administration hell bent on implementing a racist and xenophobic immigration agenda.