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What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Photo Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

As many parents will attest, there’s no moment more fondly remembered than having your baby placed in your arms for the first time. It’s the beginning of a true bond between a mother and her child. Every choice mom made for you from then on was to give you love and keep you safe. The same holds true for mothers coming to the United States with their children seeking refuge.

Families continue to be separated while others have yet to be reunited.

It is impossible to imagine how it feels to be forcibly separated from your parent or child. Especially in young children, it leaves a mark that cannot be erased. Simply put, family separation is inhumane and cruel.

Sara Caal made the incredibly difficult choice to leave Guatemala after suffering multiple violent attacks in front of her daughter, Alida. With her daughter’s future at the forefront of her mind, Sara made the 1500 mile trip to the United States only to be detained upon arrival and have her daughter taken from her.

You can learn more about Sara and Alida’s journey when you click here.

This Mother’s Day, honor your Madre, Abuela, or Mum in support of moms who would do anything to be reunited with their children. Our tribute donation page allows you to honor your mom for her sacrifices in raising you to become the person you are today. Better yet, make a gift that will honor Mom all year long by making a sustaining tribute gift. Just choose “Make This Contribution: Monthly” on the donation page.

Thank you for your compassion in standing with those mothers. Because of you, we may support the life they are seeking for their children.