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Remain in Mexico Policy Affects 10,000 Asylum Seekers

Maryori is a 26-year-old transgender woman currently in Tijuana. Before RAICES staff found her, she was sleeping on sidewalks and in shelters, with all the dangers that brings. Once, after being assigned to sleep in a bathroom alongside men, she woke to find her hair in clumps all around her on the floor. Someone had cut it off while she slept.

Refugees like Maryori are all victims of this administration’s newest immigration policy, in which asylum seekers are forced to stay in Mexico while their claims are processed. This is a historic change in policy, affecting approximately 10,000 asylum seekers waiting to present themselves to border patrol. It’s already had devastating results. On Wednesday, the San Ysidro Port of Entry between Tijuana and San Diego processed only 39 asylum seekers.

This policy is designed to make the border entry process less efficient. The United States is forcing thousands of asylum seekers to wait in unsafe border towns like Tijuana, which last year had a record-breaking 2,508 murders. Women, children, and LGBTQ+ people are particularly vulnerable to violence like sex trafficking.

These refugees need your help!

Forcing children, families, and vulnerable populations, like the LGBTQ+ community, to sleep on the streets of Tijuana instead of allowing them to enter the United States to await the processing of their asylum claims is immoral and incredibly dangerous. RAICES is there to help all we can, but we cannot do this without you.

Our goal is to reach $20,000 in donations TONIGHT!

Be there for refugees and asylum seekers by making your donation right now. With your generous contribution, we can provide shelter to more people as they wait for their claim to be processed and are allowed to finish their journey to the USA.

The wait for many has already been too long, yet this administration seems intent on making that wait indefinite. Stand up for your fellow human beings with your pledge of support. Thank you.

Cristian Sanchez
RAICES Attorney
Tijuana, Mexico