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Vote! The Soul of America is at Stake!

These past two weeks have seen an escalation in both rhetoric and action from the Trump administration as the midterms neared. We know from previous acts, like the ban on Muslims, that this Administration is happy to push forward with illegal actions to further cement its base.

Like you, we read Trump’s comments last week about his unconstitutional plan to deny citizenship to people born here in the United States via an executive order. As a nation largely comprised of immigrants, we hold the 14th Amendment as a sacrosanct cornerstone of our country’s foundation.

That’s why we will keep fighting for what’s right, using legal strategy and our humanity. In our work, we bear witness to the immigration system’s cruel efficiency every day. And this Administration has turned the system, far from being broken, into a well-oiled machine.

I write today to urge you to use your voice by voting. We’re at a moment in time when we as a country have to decide who we are — and who we are going to be. The people we elect are a reflection of us and our values.

The very Soul of America is at stake today.

Thank you for standing with RAICES and the many immigrants and refugees we serve. You have made a difference in their lives through your generosity. Now we ask you to make a difference at the polls today.

Kind regards,
Jonathan Ryan
Executive Director, RAICES