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We Stand Together Against Hatred

RAICES Response to #PittsburghSynagogue Terrorist Attack


Our hearts go out to the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and across the country and world. We’re in solidarity with you against hate. We cannot know your pain, but we will be here for you as you have been there for us.

Trump must denounce the white nationalism he’s stoked, enabling attacks like the #PittsburghSynagogue. Targeting Muslims, immigrants, LGBT ppl, Black Americans—it’s all linked to the rise in anti-Semitism since his election.

Never forget that our rejection of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust condemned tens of thousands to Nazi terror and death. Today, Trump’s lies about “dangerous migrants” stoked a conspiracy theory about a Soros-funded caravan.

That conspiracy has now left 11 more Jews dead. The Pittsburgh shooter explicitly cited his hatred for the Jewish nonprofit HIAS before targeting the synagogue. This was wholly caused by the racist lies Trump told & others amplified.

You don’t have to explicitly say the migrants seeking asylum at our border are a Soros-funded ploy—you just lambast and lie about them long enough and others will take your hint.

If you can, please support @HIASrefugees, we’ve worked with them a long time and they are a phenomenal organization. Donate here.

Above all, this hatred must stop. Trump and his allies have provoked a mass shooting—the deadliest attack on Jews in our history—all the result of a ploy to stoke anti-immigrant fear before the election.

They are targeting all of us, and we must all stand up against them, together.